A Partnership to Enrich Lives with Education

Bayyinah, founded by Ustadh Nouman Ali Khan, is an educational institute whose mission is to enrich lives by making Arabic and Quranic studies accessible to the world. Their mission is in perfect alignment with Shade 7’s vision to help children learn about Islam through fun, creativity and play.

Shade 7 is thus humbled and delighted to partner with Bayyinah in creating and promoting educational material for children that:

  • Teaches the Quran and the Arabic language through fun and engaging storytelling
  • Brings out the miracles of the Quran in a way that parents and children can relate to in their daily lives
  • Leaves a memorable impact upon young readers through the creative storytelling delivery of activity and novelty books

In our first project collaboration, Bayyinah has sponsored the reprinting of the next editions of ‘The Story of the Elephant’ and ‘My First Wudu Book’, so that more children worldwide can enjoy and benefit from these books.

A Journey of Inspiration to Publication

Our partnership with Bayyinah is particularly special because ‘The Story of the Elephant’ was inspired by Ustadh Nouman Ali Khan’s lecture on Surah Al-Feel, which is available at BayyinahTV.

Our special thanks go to the team at Bayinnah for not just helping to make this publication a reality, but for also being part of its inspiration.