About Us

About us

A vision to help children learn about Islam through fun, creativity and play.

Shade 7 is a global, multilingual publisher of the world’s first, premium Quranic pop up book and 3D digital interactive apps that help children deeply engage in learning about religion.

Founded in 2012, Shade 7 strives to creatively make a positive contribution to the world by designing a long-term source of beneficial knowledge which can help children learn more about religion – and in particular  – Islam, through learning resources that are creative, interactive and fun.

Drawing on Islamic principles, Shade 7 seek to bring religious stories and principles to life in an interactive, memorable and inspirational way. Though specifically targeted to a younger demographic, our Quranic stories for children can be enjoyed by the entire family.

We also aspire to touch all faiths, not just Muslims, and welcome those from all walks of life to gain a unique view and understanding of the Quran through our stories that are accessible, fun, and filled with universal values.

The mission behind the name

“Seven types of people will be shaded by God under His shade on the day when there will be no shade except His.”
~ Prophet Muhammad SAW (Source: Sahih Bukhari & Muslim)

Of the seven, one of them will be “a youth who grew up in the worship of Allah, the Mighty and Majestic”.

It is on this principle that Shade 7 strives to support the religious, spiritual and educational development of all children. Our work seeks to provide children fun activity and novelty books based on Quranic and Prophetic stories that introduce the beauty, might and majesticness of Allah and His message.

Strategic partnerships

We believe that education is a necessity, not be a privilege.

Shade 7 has partnered with READ, a charitable foundation, with a pledge to donate 25 books for every 1,000 copies sold, in order to make them accessible to children in all circumstances.

We have also partnered with Islamic Relief UK and Bayinnah Institute in different initiatives to help touch the lives of children around the world.

Support and Awards


Our first publication, ‘The Story of The Elephant’, was financed by a crowd-funding campaign through customer pre-sales. Interest for the book came from all over the world, including Bahrain, Singapore, Australia, New Zealand, Denmark, Germany, Finland, Oman, Malaysia, and throughout the USA.

Shade 7’s founder has been awarded a scholarship by School for Creative Start-ups – we have also seen the book make its way to No. 10 Downing Street with the support of the Department of Business Innovation and Skills in the UK.

This exciting venture has allowed Shade 7 to work with designers, translators, business mentors and a specialist production house to create a novelty Islamic children’s book unlike any other. And we’re not stopping yet! We have 30 more titles that we are working on in the pipeline – plus plans to expand into 3D digital app versions of each title.

What you have just read is merely the first page in the Shade 7 story!