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Islamic Relief UK

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A Gift of Love, A Gift of Life

Shade 7 is proud to announce their corporate charity partnership with Islamic Relief UK and created a special Islamic Relief edition of ‘My First Wudu Book’ bath book.

50% of all profits from the sales of this special charity edition will go directly to supporting Islamic Relief UK’s Water for Life projects.

When you purchase this special charity edition, not only will you gift a baby or toddler you love with our unique, colour-changing wudu bath book, you’ll also make a real difference in Islamic Relief’s Water for Life campaign.

Click here to order yours and support the campaign.


About ‘Water for Life’ Campaign

Water is essential to life. Clean water is vital for drinking, growing food and keeping clean.

A person can only survive on average three days without water, and if the water they have is dirty and contaminated, fatal diseases spread quickly and the effects are devastating.

The problem isn’t going away – it’s only getting worse as climate change causes more and more droughts, leaving large areas of land dry and arid. Rich countries do the most to cause climate change, but it’s the poor countries that suffer.

This simply cannot go on: it’s time for change.

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